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Mad About Makeup

Your baby-faced prima donna is begging to use a little lipstick or blush. Don't fret: Grade-schoolers love to mimic others, so her preoccupation with makeup isn't as much about wanting to wear it as it is her desire to be like you.

Still, you don't want your little girl frequenting the cosmetics counter until she's much bigger. To satisfy her curiosity, let her:

Pretend with blanks Supply your child with old makeup brushes, mirrors, and dressy hair clips. (Include a zippered bag to keep them all in.) Then let her sit next to you while you put on your morning makeup or get ready for an evening out, and pretend to do her own face; be sure to tell her how pretty she looks!

Have a taste of the real thing Just because she's not ready for her own tube of Lusty Crimson doesn't mean she can't have her very own lip balm; buy some with SPF  -- not only will she feel all dolled up, but she'll have sun protection, too. You could also give her a dab of sparkly lotion to rub on her cheeks or paint her nails a soft pink  -- she'll love showing off her manicure.

Play makeup artist Give her an old lipstick and blush so she can pretty up a favorite doll.