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Medicine Made Easy

Getting your baby to swallow the right amount of medication is easier said than done. Here, a few tips to help it go down like a spoonful of sugar:

  • To prevent choking, hold your baby at a 45-degree angle  -- the same position used for nursing or bottle-feeding. Administer the liquid by sliding the dropper between her cheek and gums  -- not between her tongue and the roof of her mouth  -- to prevent gagging and spitting up.

  • Gently pinch your baby's cheek with your thumb and forefinger when giving the medicine to trigger her swallowing reflex.

  • Chill liquid medication to minimize its taste. But check with your pharmacist first: Some medicines shouldn't be refrigerated.

  • If your baby balks, mix the medicine with one ounce of formula, apple juice, or grape juice. If she spits it up, pushes it out of her mouth, or refuses it altogether, ask your pediatrician for advice.