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You know you'll need to trim your baby's nails when they grow long enough to scratch or get dirty underneath -- in theory. But the sheer teensiness of those fingers can be pretty daunting in reality. Below, some safe-clipping tips:

Pick your moment. Some good times: during a nap (especially if your baby's a squirmer) or right after a bath, when she's relaxed and her nails are soft from the water. If you do it while she's awake, have someone distract her.

Get a grip. Don't be afraid to hold your baby's fingers firmly. You won't hurt her -- and if she's flailing around, you're more likely to nick her.

Use baby-sized tools. It may sound obvious, but you could easily cut your child's skin with regular nail clippers or scissors. Good to know: Some baby clippers have an attached magnifying glass.

Try an emery board. It might take a little longer to file nails down, but you eliminate the risk of catching skin.

Push down on the pads of her fingers, just behind each nail, as you trim. This will make it easier to see where to clip, and keep her skin clear of the blade.

Follow the shape of each nail, leaving a tiny bit of white. However, clip toenails straight across.