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Miss Your Job?

Leaving your job to be home with the baby sounded like a good idea when you were pregnant, but after several months of stay-at-home parenting, you're not so sure. Some new moms find that work challenges, chats with coworkers, and, yes, their paycheck are just too much to give up. The best ways to reenter the workforce after you've bid it goodbye:

Go Home Again

Getting your former job back may not be as difficult as it sounds, nor will a change of heart make you look foolish. "Tell your boss that you really miss working, and want to come back," says Joan K. Peters, author of When Mothers Work. If your position has already been filled, ask her if she'll call colleagues on your behalf.

Make a Change

Going back to work needn't mean going back to your old job, says career coach Gladys Kartin, of Englewood, NJ: Some moms jump-start a new career; others create their own business in the field they know.

Look for Family-Friendly Companies

Be realistic about how much time you want to devote to work now. Find out how long a typical day is at companies you interview with; ask around for the names of current employees who can give you a candid answer. Or search out a business that offers flextime or job sharing.