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Moms’ Morning Sickness Remedies

If you're like 85 percent of moms-to-be, you've had at least a few bouts of nausea,with or without vomiting. While doctors recommend such queasy-easing remedies like vitamin B6, ginger, and antihistamines, here’s what moms across the country say worked wonders for them:

"If it hadn't been for Gatorade—especially orange—I wouldn't have made it." —Emily Cassetty, Bowling Green, KY

"Cinnamon gum. Actually, anything cinnamon usually did the trick."?—Michelle Klein, Scarsdale, NY

"I kept raisins by my bed and would eat a little bit throughout the night."? —Gloria Armstrong, Syracuse, NY

"My husband brought me a bagel and chocolate milk in bed every morning. I'd eat a few bites and then go back to sleep. When I got up later, I didn't feel queasy."? —Leslie Garrison, Virginia Beach, VA

"Pickles."? —Anne Murphy, Long Beach, CA

"Crushed ice with Coke syrup mixed in."? —Brenda Josephs, Palisades, NY