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Morning Sickness

Q. I'm 11 weeks pregnant and can't bear the thought of eating the kinds of food I know my body needs. The mere sight of a vegetable makes me gag, and don't even say f-i-s-h, or I'll lose my cookies. (Speaking of cookies, I had Oreos for breakfast.) I'm afraid my baby will be born malnourished. What should I do?

A. The first trimester can be a queasy time. I couldn't eat anything but crackers until my second trimester, when my appetite exploded and I consumed a two-pound Burrito Gordo as a between-meal snack. If my husband spoke Spanish, he'd have said, "Ay, caramba!"

According to my calculations, your baby is about the size of a prenatal vitamin, so it's not like he or she needs a huge amount of food. Do your best: If it's cookies you crave, maybe you could tolerate a more-nutritious fig bar. Or try a batch of oatmeal-raisin cookies -- which my kids consider the broccoli of the dessert family.

Janet Konttinen has one son and triplet daughters.