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Most Common Causes of a Stomachache

Wish you could channel Dr. House to figure out why your child has a stomachache? Laura Jana, M.D., an American Academy of Pediatrics spokesperson, shares the most common causes:

Bloating and stomach cramps

It could be: Overeating and/or gas

What your doctor might recommend: A warm compress and gentle belly rub. Tums Kids can also ease heartburn pain in children over 2.


Stomach pain and hard, pelletlike bowel movements

It could be: Constipation

What your doctor might recommend: Diluted prune or pear juice or an over-the-counter stool softener; more fiber in his diet.


Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea fever and chills

It could be: Stomach flu

What your doctor might recommend: Offer plenty of liquids and water-based foods like soup to prevent dehydration.


Stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhea and often fever

It could be: Food Poisoning

What your doctor might recommend: Plenty of fluids to prevent Dehydration.


Gas, vomiting or stomach upset after eating dairy foods

It could be: Lactose intolerance

What your doctor might recommend: Lactose-free milk and cheese or Lactaid pills taken before eating dairy foods.


Stomachache plus sore throat and sometimes fever

It could be: Strep throat

What your doctor might recommend: Antibiotics


Severe pain around the navel or right area of the stomach

It could be: Appendicitis

What your doctor might recommend: An immediate office visit or a trip to the ER.


Unexplained stomach pain that occurs in an otherwise "well" child

It could be: Stress

What your doctor might recommend: Look for ways to ease stressors like overscheduling. A counselor may help, too.