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Music and Baby Development

You've heard that music is beneficial to babies; doctors at a Slovakian hospital even have a program in which newborns listen to classical music to reduce stress and stay healthy. So how can you get music into your little one's daily routine?

If wrestling your newborn into a snowsuit and hauling her to music class (even though she falls asleep in the car on the way) isn't your cup of tea, no biggie. There are plenty of other ways to enjoy music together. Try singing to her or playing a soothing CD. Create a special playlist just for her, plug your computer (or iPod) into speakers, and let your sweetie rock out to your selections in her cradle.

Whether music education at this young age influences future intelligence has yet to be proven. But filling your baby's here and now with exuberant rhythms, stirring melodies, dancing, and singing is a worthy goal in itself  -- plus, you'll have fun, too!