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"My Baby Keeps Falling"

With your baby starting to move and groove, knowing when to step in may seem like a guessing game: Just when you think he's safe, you hear that awful thud. Here, a few things to know that may help reduce your stress:

Babyproof your home. Use electrical outlet protectors and cover sharp furniture edges your baby might bump into. Be wary of unstable dècor  -- wine racks, tablecloths, bookshelves  -- that your cruiser may try to use for support.

Be aware of "code red" situations. High chairs, changing tables, and adult beds are places where supervision is required. Staircases should be avoided altogether; install safety gates to stop him when you're not fast enough.

Try not to beat yourself up too much. Those diapers you spend a fortune on are actually pretty padded. Sure, landing on his bottom may elicit tears of frustration or fear, but the feeling of pride when he succeeds is worth it. Plus, it's all a part of the learning process, and babies fall no matter what  -- just take the proper safety precautions.