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My Baby Won't Let Me Put Him Down!

Your baby has gotten to know you and, guess what? You are special. Around this time, fear of strangers begins, and he may have a hard time separating from you. So what does this mean?

He wants to be held by you. Always. And doing so can require some pretty complex yoga moves: Once, when my daughter, Avanika, was 5 months old, I held her while reattaching my computer speakers and almost dislocated my shoulder. But sometimes holding your baby a lot is what you have to do. This phase is short -- soon he'll be crawling and will have no desire to be contained -- so try to meet his needs the best you can.

My arms are sore... Help! Carriers, backpacks, and slings can be convenient for busy moms. Unfortunately, given your baby's increasing ability to grab and swat, it's not a good idea to use baby-wearing methods while cooking or drinking something hot. On the upside, if you've given him plenty of cuddle time, your cling-on should be willing to sit in a bouncy seat so you can sing and chat to him while you cook or clean up. Try handing him things periodically and talk about them ("Here's a cucumber; it's green") so he feels involved, and don't worry about leaving the kitchen and house a little messy. This stage is demanding, but it won't last for long.