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New Ways to Praise

Praise and affection are all it takes to show your preschooler he's done something right. But once in a while  -- maybe he's been unusually kind to his little brother or patient on a long shopping trip  -- a special treat is in order. Some simple rewards your child will love:

• Let him play dress-up with real clothes from Daddy's closet.
• Let him call Grandma or Grandpa for a nice, long chat.
• Take him to ride the escalators at the mall or an office building (this is a chance to teach escalator safety, too).
• Grab a flashlight and take him for an evening stroll well past the time he's normally allowed outside.
• Get your pictures taken together at a photo booth at the mall.
• Let him sit at the head of the table for dinner.
• Visit a park in another neighbor-hood  -- he'll enjoy the change.
• Offer him a treat related to his accomplishment. If he sampled his veggies every night for a week, cook him a meal made up of his favorite foods (including dessert!). If he's been sleeping in his own bed, surprise him with a fun new flannel pillowcase or sheet set.