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No Kids Allowed

Is toddler tumbling the only social event on your calendar? If so, a moms-only club may be just what you need to recharge. "I love being with other moms, but just talking about our kids gets boring," says Elizabeth Daniels, mom of a 14-year-old in Fletcher, NC. So she started an adventure club for 20 friends, and now kayaking and llama trekking are among her members' favorite activities. Whatever you fancy, here's how to form a club:

[BOLD {* Spread the news.}] Send an e-mail to all your pals and write "Forward this to friends." Or post flyers in places you know moms go, such as the gym.

[BOLD {* Establish what you'll do.}] Host a meeting for interested moms to share what they want to get out of the club. Group decisions about the activities you'll try and what they'll cost are best.

[BOLD {* Decide when to meet  -- and stick to it.}] Monthly get-togethers are usually doable. Set a day and time and don't change it. Even if only a few members can make it one month, it'll lead to less confusion in the long run.

[BOLD {* Keep it simple.}] Tell the hostess she isn't allowed to stress about the state of her house. If you're serving food, make it potluck, with disposable plates and utensils. To make things even easier, meet at a restaurant.

[BOLD {* Make it fun.}] Don't be a stickler for rules and homework, says Jennifer Knoettner, a Bedford, NH, book-club founder and mom of three. "We've been known to spend ten minutes on the book and the rest on other topics, and that's fine!"