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Can I Ask for My Baby Stuff Back?

Q: I gave my friend my old baby stuff --and I just found out that I'm pregnant, too! Can I ask for it back?

A: No. I don't mean to sound harsh, but you gave a friend a gift, and you can't snatch it back because you've decided you need it. Yes, the goods were used and they were yours. But that doesn't change the fundamental etiquette. Of course, when she finds out that you're pregnant she might offer to give back some of your things. She'll want to help you prepare for your new baby just as you did for her. But if she offers, graciously accept only some of the things back. Taking them all wouldn't be right. But don't be surprised if she doesn't offer; she's not obliged to. Maybe you two could throw baby showers for each other so your other friends can help you stock up on what you each need to welcome your babies into the world.

Denene Millner is a mom of two, stepmom of one, and a former editor at Parenting. She's the author of ten books.