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One-Minute Move: Power Pliés

Turbo your postbaby shape-up with this glute- and thigh-firming Front Pack Plié Squat from Lean Mommy, by Lisa Druxman. Holding your baby in a front carrier while you do the move makes your muscles work harder, so you get stronger and more sculpted. To start:

  • ?Tuck your baby snugly into place; then, with your hands on your hips or the baby's legs, stand with your feet wider than your shoulders.
  • ?Turn your toes out.
  • ?Inhale and lower your hips until your knees are bent in 90-degree angles (if you can't see your toes, widen your stance).
  • ?Hold for three seconds, then press heels into the floor as you contract your glutes and inner thighs and straighten your legs; return to the starting position.
  • ?Repeat ten times.