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Ouch! Why Does My Toddler Bite?

It may seem as if you're living with Dracula's daughter, but nope  -- it's just a day with your toddler, who has now entered a biting phase. In most cases, your tiny terror will stop biting once she learns to speak more, and grows more teeth. This phase will pass within a few months, so don't fret.

Reason for biting: Teething  -- biting down makes her gums feel better.
What to do: Offer her a soft teething toy or wet washcloth.

Reason for biting: Frustration  -- lacking language skills, she bites when she can't say what she wants.
What to do: Try to offer the right word. Tell her that biting is not okay, and give her something else to chew.

Reason for biting: Attention  -- unable to speak, she'll try to engage her peers by taking a chunk out of them.
What to do: Model the words for her ("You'd like to play with Sabrina"), and remind her that biting is wrong.

Reason for biting: Anger  -- toddlers are notorious for temper tantrums. Biting may occur during one of these fits.
What to do: Remove your little hothead from the situation; give the no-biting talk once she's cooled down.