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Painted Canvas Bags Craft

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Daisy-Print Bag

This project is a lovely activity to have at a spring birthday party or playdate: When it's time to go home, everyone takes a gift bag and party favor in one! Plain fabric bags can be found at most crafts stores or online, ready to be decorated with pretty patterns. Or print the design onto a plain white T-shirt instead.


  • Fabric ink in at least 3 colors

  • Paintbrush

  • Selection of twigs, flowers (daisies work well), and leaves

  • Plain fabric bag


  1. To create the stem, paint fabric ink onto a thin twig and place it vertically on the center of the bag, with the bottom aligned with the base of the bag. Press down evenly along the twig and then carefully lift it off.



  2. Print two more stems on either side of the first. Try to keep the space between the middle stem and the other stems even. Paint one side of a leaf with green fabric ink and press down twice on each side of the stems.



  3. Paint a flower with fabric ink and press it facedown at the top of one stem. Make sure all the petals make contact with the fabric in order to give you a clear print. Repeat with a fresh flower for the remaining stems.



  4. Use small leaves to stamp a pattern in contrasting colors along the top and bottom edges of the bag and along the straps. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for setting the fabric ink.

CRAFT-TASTIC TIP: Your flower needs to be quite robust in order to keep its shape when printing. Try a large daisy flower; it's a good shape to print and doesn't fall apart easily once you've applied the paint.