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Top Toys, Wii Games, & More: Watch + Buy!

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Parenting's Toys of the Year 2008: 25 of the best toys, tested by moms and kids around the country.

  • See how they work and buy while you watch
  • 9 Best Wii games
  • Best new games for Xbox, Playstation3 and PC
  • 25 toys of the year
Tough Parenting Issues

Real Parents, Real Advice

Video Milestones

These short, funny videos from JuiceBoxJungle offer smart solutions to timeless parenting dilemmas:

  • Is it possible to kick the co-sleeping habit?
  • How much praise is too much?
  • What if your in-laws don't follow your rules?
  • How can you get your husband to pitch in more?
Video Shopping Channel

Baby's First Year

Video babys first year

Short, how-to clips that demonstrate the new baby basics for first-time parents.

  • How to install a car seat
  • How to breastfeed
  • How to bathe your baby and more
  • See all 22 videos

Video Shopping ChannelVideo Contests


Watch the adorable entries uploaded by our readers for our video contests.

  • Babytalkers
  • Kids and Animals
  • Mom Squad Makeover
  • Watch all of the video contest entries