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[PURPLE_TEXT_BOLD {Monday's Pick: Chicco 3D Playground}]
The Chicco 3D Playground is as easy to take apart as it is to assemble: Just tie the blocks together, and when your baby's done, simply untie, stack, and stow. ($60; [TOUT_ARROW_LINK {} {Buy it!}]

[TOUT_IMAGE "/touts/ch_mom_tested.gif" "85" "44" "Mom-Tested logo" "left"]"My baby usually cries to be picked up when she's on the floor, but she'll stay on this for almost an hour."
 --Re'Keta Brown, mom of David, 3, and Sydney, 7 months, Liberty Township, OH

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[PURPLE_TEXT_BOLD {Tuesday's Pick: Silver Cross Micro V2 Stroller}]
Umbrella strollers that fold up small can look flimsy and be uncomfortable for long strolls. But the removable seat cushion and canopy on the Silver Cross Micro V2 make it feel more like a carriage  -- minus the bulk. ($130;
[TOUT_IMAGE "/touts/ch_mom_tested.gif" "85" "44" "Mom-Tested logo" "left"]"It's nice and narrow  -- so I'm as unencumbered as a mom pushing a stroller can be! And I love that the canopy goes forward without the hinges' pinching your fingers."
 --Hilary Locker Fussteig, mom of Jake, 19 months, New York City

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[PURPLE_TEXT_BOLD {Wednesday's Pick: Hobo Bag}]
Big bags are big for fall  -- a relief for those who carry everything. This structured purse lets you go from work to weekend looking put together. ($82, Nine West)
 --Lisa Schweitzer

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[PURPLE_TEXT_BOLD {Thursday's Pick: So Sleepy Story}]
This impish fantasy depicts the ruckus that results when a bit of sprightly music drifts indoors and brings the furniture to life. A charming bedtime book that helps take the edge off any lights-out fears. ($16; Farrar, Straus & Giroux) Buy it!  --Leonard S. Marcus

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[PURPLE_TEXT_BOLD {Friday's Pick: Bandolino Wedges}]
Heels give you a taller, thinner look  -- and in this style, they're comfy, too. ($69; Bandolino; 800-999-1877 for stores)
 --Lisa Schweitzer

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