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Partner Parenting

1. To deal with middle-of-the-night wakings,

A. My partner and I have an agreement about who will take the baby, and it's working well for us

B. My partner and I have an agreement about who will take the baby, but we still fight about it

C. I always take the baby, but I wish my partner would help out

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2. When it comes to day-to-day parenting decisions (bedtime, what to feed the baby, etc.), my partner and I

A. Talked things through and have agreed on what to do

B. Argue about what to do

C. Never discuss things; we each do what we think is right

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3. Whenever my partner takes care of the baby alone

A. I trust him/her

B. I am nervous and tell him/her what to do or leave detailed instructions

C. My partner never takes care of the baby alone

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4. When it comes to our childrearing philosophies,

A. My partner and I are on the same page

B. My partner and I tend to bicker over who's right

C. I'm the one who calls all the shots

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5. When the baby needs something, my partner

A. Takes care of things without me having to ask

B. Does what's needed only when I ask

C. Rarely does anything to help out

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How did you answer?

Mostly A:
Game on! You've put together a winning team.

Mostly B:
Take time out for a quick huddle. Sit down with your partner and tell him/her that you need to stop arguing and start working together. You each have strong opinions about how to raise the baby, and you need to learn how to meet in the middle. Talk through some of the bigger issues and find some compromises  -- it's ok to let him do his own thing every so often!

Mostly C:
Do some recruiting. Your team has only one player, and you need two. It's time to tell your partner that you need help with the baby and discuss how you can start parenting together. For more advice, click on "Mom/Relationships" in the toolbar at the top of the page.