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Play List: Quick & Easy Fun

It can be tough to find fresh ways to entertain and engage your child  -- fight the boredom with these imaginative activities for kids of all ages. The best part? Almost all the fun starts with regular items that you can find around your home.

Playlist babiesBabies on up

* Play pasta peekaboo. Turn a colander upside down and show her how to slide spaghetti into the holes. Lift up to see where they went!

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Playlist toddlerToddlers on up

* Start a pickup game: Put crayons or markers in a small pile. Kids can try to remove one at a time without disturbing the others.

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Playlist preschoolerPreschoolers on up

* Launch far-out fun. Let your child play Shuttle Tac Toe, Space Bounce, and other games at NASA Kids' Club

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