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Playlist: Quick and Easy Fun

Turkey orange
Engage in fowl play.
Turn an orange into a turkey: Use toothpicks to attach a cherry-tomato head, raisin eyes, a baby-carrot beak, and lettuce feathers. (Preschoolers on up)

Baby playing with leaves
Leaf-peep from home. Gather fall leaves from your yard, put a piece of double-sided tape on each, and let your kid stick them on the windows. (Toddlers on up)

Stamp it.
Give your child things from around the house  -- blocks, a wire strainer, doll's feet  -- to make impressions on play dough. (Toddlers on up)

Sagwa catMake "movies."
Create a flip book

Shake, rattle, and roll.
Fill a few small plastic bottles half full of water and put the caps on tightly. While you check e-mail, let your child shake 'em up  -- she'll love all the splashing. (Babies)