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PMS: Please, Must Shop!

Just had to have those new shoes? Go ahead and blame the shopping spree on PMS. Turns out that women are more prone to impulse buying in the ten days before their periods, according to a recent British study of 700 women. In fact, eight out of ten women surveyed said they shopped to "cheer themselves up." Researchers believe that any intense emotion -- high or low -- can influence spending behavior. And given that such, ahem, intensity often accompanies the hormonal roller coaster that precedes menstruation, extra trips to the mall may be more likely. But compared to mainlining chocolate ice cream, perhaps a little retail therapy isn't so bad!  

And while we're talking PMS, we just have to gripe about this: A group of -- guess who? -- men recently launched a free site where people can sign up to receive e-mail alerts when the women in their lives are approaching their periods. No joke. Founded to "save relationships one month at a time," has more than 100,000 registered users -- mostly guys, obviously. The one redeeming feature? Women can post their reactions. Our fave: "Now men, here's a tip -- if you sign up for these alerts, don't enter your shared e-mail address. I really don't need the reminder. But I'm sure you're not all as stupid as my dear husband." What was that whole "saving relationships" part again?