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Prenatal Yoga On The Go

Staying relaxed and in shape as delivery day approaches is even easier than you think: Just pack a few cards from the Prenatal Yoga Deck into your bag and you're good to go.

Yoga may be the perfect exercise for moms-to-be because it emphasizes fitness, flexibility, breathing, and relaxation. With 50 meditations and poses in a cute pink box, the deck allows you to follow the cards in number order, mix and match exercises to create your own routine, or check out sequences designed to achieve certain results. For example, to improve energy, try Alternate Nostril Breathing, the Blade, the Lion and the Palm Tree, among others.

The cards are color-coded by trimester, with instructions on one side that describe how to do each pose safely, and illustrations on the other so you can check your posture against a picture. The deck's meditation and breathing cards are also useful to a new mom, as they can help her improve her well-being, focus her mind and connect with her baby.

As with any exercise program, discuss your plans with your doctor before starting. Yoga is a great option for pregnant women—you can tone your body and achieve peace of mind while you ponder the arrival of your sweet child.