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Preschool Problems

Your child may be settled into preschool by now, but here are a few surprises you could still encounter:

Crying at dropoff time... in October Once it sinks in that preschool is a long-term gig, your child may decide he's had enough.
What to do: Talk up the fun things he's going to do, or remind him what a good time he had the day before. If he still seems sad, acknowledge his feelings ("I know you're sad"), but don't linger.

Acting up at home but not at school After listening, sharing, and being good all morning, kids are worn out, says Sally Helmuth, assistant director of Saint Margaret's Episcopal School in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Plus, your child knows you'll love him no matter what, but he has to prove himself at school.
What to do: When you pick up your child, spend a minute in his classroom or in the car before you rush home so he can decompress and tell you about his day. At hoe, don't go soft on discipline, but make some time for one-on-one play so he doesn't need to act up to get your attention.

Idolizing the teacher Your word may no longer be gospel. Ouch.
What to do: This is really a plus  -- you've taught your child to make good connections with others. Just nod and smile and trust that you're still the expert at being his mom.