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Prescription Pointers

Do I have to wake my child up at night if I'm supposed to give the medicine every six hours?
Yes. If your doctor directed you to give the medicine every six hours, then it's important to do so, even if it means waking him up at 3 a.m. However, if your doctor prescribed the medicine to be given every six hours "as needed" you may have some flexibility. The bottom line? Give your doc a call to confirm.

What does "Take on an empty stomach" mean, exactly?
When a kid has a full belly, it takes longer for a drug to get into his system, so ideally you should give it at least one hour before your child has a meal or snack, or two hours afterward.

I left a prescription drug that's supposed to be refrigerated on the counter. Is it bad now?
If the drug was left out for more than 12 hours, it was in direct sunlight, or this is the second time you've done it, it might start to break down and won't be effective. Call for a new scrip.

My kid just threw up her antibiotic. Should I give her another dose?
Depends. If she's nauseous from her illness, see if she can keep water down first before offering another dose with food. If she was just freaked out, help her relax and then try again. If problems continue, call your doctor.

We skipped an antibiotic dose. What should we do?
Give it as soon as you remember, and then follow the normal schedule.