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Preteen Brain Boosters

Kids can log on to a free account to create comic strips or send e-cards to friends. Lots of cool graphics and design tools, hundreds of games to play, and a safe web browser to download make it a dream for tweens and moms, though the flashing ads for other sites may turn you off.
Bonus: The KN Junior page is great for younger sibs. is bound to keep them guessing with new word games, brainteasers, and trivia. Check out the monthly calendar to play today's stumper or go back to previous months for more.
Bonus: Two levels means moms can play, too!

You'll have a budding art connoisseur on your hands after a visit to The National Gallery of Art's kid site teaches art appreciation and history tidbits, plus cool ways to create your own masterpieces. The Art Zone is full of fun tools for hours of drawing, painting, and creating, minus the mess.
Bonus: Online museum tours let you see some exhibits, without leaving home.