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Quick Breaks for New Moms

Hit the mall. Shopping may be the last thing on your mind, but go anyway, just to see other people. Treat yourself to a cocoa or cappuccino; you'll likely find other moms doing the same thing.

Find a gym or a studio that offers babysitting, and sign up for a class  -- any class  -- because 45 minutes once a week will give your mommy brain a break and make the week's other 10,035 minutes easier on your tired body.

Go see a flick. Take in a matinee with your baby, sitting near the exit in case she fusses. The number one thing: Choose a movie you really want to see, because before long your movie viewing will be subject to another (little) person's choices.

Brave the cold, and go outside for a walk. Babies in Sweden survive. Just bundle up and walk like your life depended on it  -- doesn't matter to where, really.