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Rash Decisions

Are disposable diapers less likely than cloth ones to cause a rash? Some research suggests that they are. Disposables may be more absorbent than cloth diapers, helping to wick moisture away from the skin. But if babies don't receive proper bottom care, they can get a rash no matter what type of diaper they wear. To fend off discomfort:


  • Change your baby as soon as possible after he urinates (which could be every one to three hours for newborns and every three to four hours for infants 3 months and older) or has a bowel movement.


  • Smooth on a thin layer of petroleum jelly or zinc oxide two or three times a day to create a barrier between the skin and the poop or urine.


  • Try different types of disposables, or if you use cloth diapers, be sure to wash in hot water and double-rinse.


  • Don't use wipes if they seem to bother your baby's skin. Instead, clean him with a soft washcloth and water, then pat dry or let him go diaperless for about ten minutes after each change.
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