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Reaching and Touching

Stretch, grasp, swat -- your baby will do anything he can to get a hold of what he sees. "By around three or four months, an infant's vision has improved enough that he's able to see background and foreground and start to judge distance," says Jill Stamm, Ph.D., author of Bright From the Start. So give him lots of safe opportunities to reach out and touch:

  • Go mobile. Crank up his crib mobile so he can see it twirl and hear the music. He'll try to reach it with both hands -- and feet.
  • Take it to the mat. Plop him down on an activity pad and let him bat all the waving, wiggly doodads that hang from it.
  • Button up. Attach a busy box with buttons, wheels, and levers to the inside of the crib.
  • Try not to let it all hang out. Glittery jewelry is very tempting to eager little hands; ditto long hair and glasses (you may have to tie up your do and skip the bling for now).