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Ready to Lose the High Chair?

Most kids can sit in a booster seat at the table at some point in their second year. Two ways to know when it's time for your toddler to eat with the rest of the family:

He's too big for his high chair. If he's trying to wriggle out of the seat or looks uncomfortable when you put him into it, he may have outgrown it.

He can stay put. You may not be able to get an active toddler to sit for a whole meal, but keep him in the high chair a little longer if you think he'll be up and running around the second he tastes a little freedom. (This is not just for your benefit  -- running while eating can be a choking risk.)

Best booster seats
Good picks for a child who's outgrown his high chair:

With Safety 1st's Easy Care Swing Tray Booster