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Reality Check: Bathroom Breaks With Dad

Q  My husband takes our 3-year-old into the men's bathroom if she has to go while they're out. It makes me a little uncomfortable; at what age will it be inappropriate?
A Contrary to the perv-filled cesspools we women envision men's rooms to be, most are totally unremarkable. The way urinals are mounted, all your daughter sees is a bunch of guys facing a wall. Also, Nick says there's some kind of man code where no one makes eye contact or small talk, so it's never an issue when he takes our girls in. (Nick also says that because guys seldom use the toilets, the men's-room stalls are often cleaner than the women's. He claims he read this somewhere.) Bottom line: She'll be fine going with Daddy until she herself starts to object. There may be an awkward period when she's embarrassed entering the door marked "Men" but is still too small to go it alone (heavy doors, too-high sinks, etc.). But just be sure she uses the toilet before leaving the house, and remind her she'll be waiting in line for the ladies' soon enough.