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Reality Check: Bringing Out Baby

Q  I take my 4-week-old everywhere with me, but my mom says I should keep my baby  -- and myself  -- at home. Am I wrong?
A Maybe it's time to explain to your mother that you don't think all moms need to be housebound in their bathrobes with their babies in their laps all day, rocking and changing and feeding them like little scenes from a '50s talcum-powder ad. Good for you for getting up, getting out, and doing something. A little fresh air never hurt a baby, and sitting in the house all day, disheveled and grumpy, watching life go by while you tend solely to the needs of the baby, probably isn't good for you. Besides, unless you have a full-time nanny, or a bottomless trove of sitters standing at the ready to give you a hand, you're just doing what you need to do to get things done. It's good to know, though, that your mom thinks the baby should be inside more; I'm sure you'll remind her of this when you need someone to babysit.