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Reality Check: Girls' Night Out

It doesn't happen often, but every so often, schedules are in sync and no one has night-of excuses, making it possible for a fun moms-only evening. To make it a night to remember:

• Agree that what happens at Girls' Night Out stays at Girls' Night Out. It'll make you all more relaxed  -- and maybe inspire something deliciously fun.

• You know you'll talk about kids and husbands, but keep it short. You're out to get away from your regular life, if only for a few hours.

• At my last get-together, four of the five friends arrived seething that their husbands hadn't wanted them to come. What I told them: Nick knows that this makes me happy. And he also knows that when Denene's happy, everybody's happy.

• While you're all glowing with the euphoria of a great time had, pick a date and nominate someone to plan the next night out  -- and pinkie-swear you'll honor it, no excuses.