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Reality Check: Is My Boy Gifted?

Q  I think my preschooler is gifted, but my wife disagrees with me. Should we have him tested to see who's right?
A Your child may be very smart, but if his own mother's not sure he's gifted, chances are he's not. Regardless, though, you ought to focus less on labels and more on your son as a person. If he's already reading, give him more advanced books to read. If he's adding and subtracting, teach him how to multiply. In a year or two, when he's in kindergarten, you'll get a better sense of whether he's far ahead of other kids. If his gifts are truly unusual, they won't dry up and blow away by the time he's 5.

In the meantime, don't neglect to make sure he's gifted in such things as sharing, playing, and getting along with friends. Even if he does have special talents, he's still a little boy who needs time to grow up.