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Rediscovering Old Pleasures

If you can barely remember when you weren't married with kids, it's time to revisit who you were before you became "Honey" and "Mommy." Of course, you'll have to update a few things:

Put a new spin on a long-ago pastime. You still love to dance, but going clubbing is about as likely as flying to Mars. Sign up for a dance or aerobics class at the gym and unleash your inner J. Lo (while still getting to bed at a decent hour).

Get nostalgic. The movies you grew up watching can provide a trip down memory lane. (Molly Ringwald marathon, anyone?) Rent them on DVD or start a collection so you'll have them on hand during a "Who am I?" moment.

Introduce your kids to your old interests. They'll happily bundle up to look at the stars with you or learn to cook the first meal you learned from your mom. If you loved to act in high school, try community theater, which is open to families.

Grab coffee with a childhood friend, or one who may have fallen off your radar when you were the first to have children.