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Royal Nanny Search Underway

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By Katie Herrick Bugbee, Senior Managing Editor and Global Parenting Expert at

If you think about it, a nanny really cares for the whole family — not just the children. And the Royal Nanny would be no exception. Take Antonella Fresolone, a former housemaid of the Queen who is known for being hard-working. When she took the job, a royal source told Hello magazine that Fresolone "intends for this job to become her whole life."

Her whole life? Well, that gives you some insight into what the royals may expect of their new full-time nanny as well, now that Jessie Webb's temporary contract has expired.

This role is very much like a normal nanny role of managing the child's daily routine; bathing, feeding and entertaining the child; noticing and alerting others of any changes in the child's health and well-being; and talking to the parents about what activities they did that day, so they can feel as connected as possible.

But what makes this job a bigger responsibility is that it's more of a 24/7 job. The person will be expected to be properly trained from a prestigious nanny school, have experience with babies and young children, and have experience with high-profile families (proof she can keep things confidential). And yes, she will be on-call 24/7, putting her own personal life on hold for a while.

Some of her responsibilities:

  • Teach the child manners and royal responsibilities
  • Work closely with the royal chef to plan George's meals and perhaps of Kate and Will's
  • Find time for Kate and Will to be together as a family and as a couple
  • Be wary of press and photographers anywhere she goes, securing the safety and privacy of the royal heir
  • Establish relationships with the whole family and schedule time for everyone to be connect with George as he grows

But even with this high level of security and life dedication, a survey from showed 60 percent of people said they would want to nanny for Kate, compared to only 8 percent for Kim Kardashian.