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Spice Up Your Love Life

If you're having trouble remembering the last time you and your spouse swapped an evening of diapers and distress for dinner in a dress, it may be time hire a sitter. Spice up your love live pronto with these quick-fix tips.

Meet him halfway
Pick a restaurant between your offices or near home, and meet for a romantic lunch.
 -- Nanette Nopwaskey

Better late than never
Once a week, after your baby goes to bed, have a late dinner that's just for the two of you  -- even if it's a frozen pizza. Put on the answering machine, light some candles, and play your favorite music.
 -- Charmaine Markus

Start dating your husband again
Once a month, hire a sitter and enjoy a night out with the man you married. To keep it interesting and fun, take turns choosing what to do.
 -- Jennifer Mileti

The gift of time
Next time someone says she doesn't know what to get for your baby, ask her to babysit one night while you and your husband go on a date.
 -- Donna Parker

Do double duty
Wash the dishes together after dinner. Share the task of folding laundry at night. Tackle yardwork as a team. You'll get a chance to chat and speed up the cleaning process at the same time.
 -- Joanne Patrie, Voorheesville, NY

Chat and chew
Set aside the mail and turn off the television during meals together. Concentrate on talking and sharing.
 -- Jessica Mandell

Take a day off
Leave your baby with your childcare provider, and enlist your spouse in playing hooky with you, even if it's just for an hour or two and a simple stroll through the mall.
 -- Jennifer Anderson, Wyoming, RI

Get baby on a schedule
Once your baby's hours are regular, you and your husband can enjoy some private time alone every night.
 -- Lori Leavey, Ladera Ranch, CA