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10 English Muffin Sandwich Recipes

Michael Kraus

1. Nutty Professor

Spread peanut butter on two halves, and top with thin banana and strawberry slices.

2. The Gobbler

Sandwich leftover turkey and stuffing from Thanksgiving (or Sunday) dinner between two halves covered with cranberry sauce.

3. Aloha Lunch

Layer deli ham, a slice of pineapple and a slice of mozzarella on one half of the muffin. Drizzle with teriyaki sauce.

4. The Downey Special

Spread with butter. Add sliced avocado and a sprinkle of lemon juice and pepper.

5. Pesto Control

Spread one half with premade pesto sauce. Top with jarred, drained roasted red peppers and sliced rotisserie chicken breast.

6. High Tea

Sandwich sliced cucumber between two halves covered with cream cheese.

7. Veggie Delight

Pile hummus, grated carrot and tomato on a toasted muffin.

8. I Wanna Guac

Pile guacamole, cheddar cheese, tomato and sliced deli turkey on a toasted muffin.

9. England vs. Italy

Layer salami, ham, provolone cheese and shredded lettuce.

10. Margherita Muffin

Layer a tomato slice, a slice of fresh mozzarella and fresh basil on one half of the muffin. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

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