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Saying Bye-Bye To Baby

Your trusted babysitter assures you that your bambina stops crying within minutes after you leave, yet you can't help but worry that she's crying for hours. So is your babysitter telling you the truth?

Chances are, you can let your caregiver off the hook. At this age, your baby's cry is largely one of protest. Although she may be starting to experience separation anxiety, the idea of object permanence also kicks in around this time; she knows you exist, even when she can't see you  -- and that you'll reappear soon. Still worried? Here are some tips for a smooth departure:

Start a goodbye routine. Do predictable activities like singing a "good night" song or reading a bedtime book. The routine can be changed when necessary  -- but try to stay strong if she starts crying.

Find her a buddy. Offer your baby a favorite stuffed toy or some other endearing object to help her keep a piece of you with her.

Stay in touch. Call home to check in with the babysitter if it will help ease your worries. But you can't very easily super-glue yourself to your baby. She'll get past this phase eventually.