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No is probably a word that your baby hears a lot -- and for good reason -- as he becomes more curious about exploring his world. Saying no doesn't make you a bad mom. Try redirecting him to a safer activity. If he loves to climb, say "No, we don't climb on stairs, but you can climb on this big stuffed animal on the floor." Be consistent and follow through. If your tot hits you, say "If you hit me again, you'll have to get down from my lap," and then put him down if he does it again. Even at this age, a child may reach for that light socket just to get your attention. The fix: Give positive feedback about his good behavior so he doesn't need to misbehave to get you to speak up.

How to say no without saying it

Instead of... "No touching the glass."
Try ... "I can't let you do that."

Instead of... "No tugging on Mommy."
Try... "I'm fixing breakfast right now. Play with your spoon and bowl while I finish."

Instead of... "No tugging kitty's tail."
Try... "Be gentle. Just pat the kitty like this."