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Sex After Kids

How's your love life? See how yours compares next to the more than 1300 moms who took our survey on and dished about how hot (or not) things are.

The top 3 things you like best about sex
1. Connecting with my husband 49%
2. It feels good! 28%
3. Making my husband happy 18%

Tonight? Sure!
61% of you say you'd like to have sex at least a few times a week --and 45% actually do (go you!)
And your husbands? 77% of you say yours would like to have sex that often, too

The biggest buzz-kill
50% of you say exhaustion is the main thing that spoils your mood. (Runner-up: feeling like sex is an obligation)

"Note to dads...What gets us in the mood:"
1. Foreplay 45%
2. Romantic gestures, like flowers and holding hands 29%
3. Choreplay (i.e., Dad chipping in around the house) 15%
4. A glass of wine 11%

Did I just hear the baby cry?
33% of you admit that you've used your kids as an excuse not to have sex

Home alone
30% of you say you've dropped off your kids at your parents' or in-laws' just so you could have a little nookie in peace

Before and after
77% of you say sex was better pre-kids (and more than 43% of those say it was best before you got married)
Silver-lining alert: That means 23% of you think sex actually got better after having a child

Say it ain't so
57% of you worry that sex will never be the same now that you're parents

Bring sexy back (please!)
80% of you say you felt sexy before having a child. Only 41% still feel that way

Lucky you
37% of you say your husband tells you you're sexy all the time
(Those other slackers really oughta speak up: Moms say a compliment from their guy makes them feel sexier than new clothes, a new haircut, and a good night's sleep combined!)

The real McSteamy
58% of you say your man is just as hot now --or even hotter! --than he was when you met him
63% of you think he'd say the same about you.