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Mom Debate: Should a woman be able to use fertility treatments to get pregnant if she already has kids?

80% Yes

"Are you kidding me? Should a woman be able to have sex to get pregnant even if she already has kids? There's no difference." --Julia Schuck, Rolia, MO

"Fertile people have no mandate on how many kids they can have, so why should infertile people be told how many they're allowed? The question is ignorant.'" --Maggie Davis, Salt Lake City

"Just because our bodies couldn't reproduce again without the help of science doesn't mean we should be denied the chance to add to our families." --Ellinor BeVier, Glen Allen, VA

20% No

"If you already have kids, then maybe there's a reason God didn't want you to have more." --Shayla Casey, Dade City, FL

"She's lucky to have the kids she has and should just stop at that. Leave the treatments for women who don't have kids yet and actually need the help." --Lesley Laly, Lafayette, IN

"Why not adopt? Of course, it's not for everybody, but I just don't understand the desire to have all your children come from your womb if you want a bigger family and can't get pregnant.." --Natalie Romanini, London, U.K.

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