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Should Moms Correct Little-Kid Talk?

Q. My toddler mispronounces certain words and phrases, saying things like "I wuv waisins." It's so cute -- but should I correct him?

A. No. Just make a point to model the right way to say things ("Yes, I love raisins, too!").

Kids tend to pick up the easiest sounds  -- vowels  -- first, and more difficult ones later on. Since your child's mouth is growing and changing, certain letters and sounds (like "j" and "ch") may be tricky right now.

There's no need to make a big deal of slipups. If you think he's having an especially hard time with a certain word, like "little," have him repeat it back to you. That way you'll know whether he's not yet able to make the "l" sound (many kids don't get it until close to 5), or whether he's just unsure when and how to use it. In either case, give him a few more years to get the hang of it before you check with your doctor.