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Should She Shower Alone?

Around 6 or 7, most kids can go solo at cleanup time. (That means no more backaches from bending over the tub!) Here, questions to ask yourself to figure out whether your child is ready:

Has bathtime become less about playing?

If she's more interested in shampoo than tub toys, she probably won't mind the switch.

Does she want to shower by herself?

That's a good sign she's ready to go it alone, though you still should hang out nearby.

How does she do on the jungle gym?

If your child's mature enough to use playground equipment wisely, she'll probably be able to handle the slick floor. (You still need to put down a nonslip mat, though.)

Will she be able to get herself clean?

By 5 or 6, most kids can wash themselves, but have her try it first during a bath to gauge whether she has the interest and attention span to do a thorough job.

How well does she remember instructions?

A kid who can do a few things in a row without reminders is probably able to get through a shower without incident.