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Six Important Things My Son Learned at the Hospital

April Caplette

My son Finn recently went to the hospital for a 48-hour EEG. This is really nothing special or life-threatening, but those of you with kids know that keeping them cooped up for two days is almost impossible. During Finn’s time there, this is what he learned:

1. The nurses would call his name over the intercom when he disappeared from camera view. He figured out that if he went into the bathroom they would come looking for him. After 13 successful attempts in one day, they finally had a talk with him.

2. The windows at the hospital are real and they do open.

3. Room service will answer any time of the day or night and bring him whatever he orders. He called for cookies and milk at midnight without my knowledge.

4. EKG leads stuck to your chest are easy to unplug. Doing so will sound an alarm at the nurses station and send four of them running into your room. A 9-year-old flat-lining will get a lot of attention. He did this three times before the nurses changed his leads.

5. The hospital has a movie library. To get a movie, go to the door of the room, call out "excuse me, can I get number 47 on my list?" and a nurse will then shush you and bring you the movie pretty quickly.

6. Jumping on the bed and doing the King Tut dance while standing in the bed will cause laughter and panic at the same time at the nurses station. They had a talk about this as well.

By April Caplette, mom of Finnegan, 13