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Study: Smile While Eating Your Veggies To Discourage Picky Eating

You may hate swallowing those lima beans, but don't let your kids know that.

A new French study yielded some surprising results. 120 adults and kids ages 5-8 were asked to look at pictures of people eating. The adults were less likely to want a given food when they saw pictures of an obese person eating it. The kids were less likely to want a given food when the person (obese or not) looked disgusted.
It's important to note this only rang true if the food was something they didn't like. If it was chocolate or a food they knew they liked, they were pretty unaffected by other's reactions to the food.

Let?s use this date to our own advantage. Smile while you're eating your veggies, the research team says, and your kids will be more likely to try it.

Next on the agenda: smiling when you clean the house. Maybe kids will pick up on that, too?