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Sneak in Healthy Food

Sneak in Healthy Food with The Sneaky ChefMy first child, Emily, ate whatever was put in front of her. My second, Samantha, followed suit  -- until she turned 2. Then she'd eat only food that was smooth or a certain color; soon Emily wouldn't touch anything that was the wrong color or texture, either. I tried to make food cute or mini, using the "10 to 15 times" exposure rule. Nothing worked for long.

Then I had an "aha!" moment. Emily was sick, so I mixed her antibiotic into chocolate pudding to get it down her throat. If I could do this with medicine, I thought, why not with healthy ingredients?

I drew up list A: Foods Kids Eat Happily. Then I compiled list B: Most Healthful Ingredients. I set out to find the cleverest ways to hide items on list B in foods on list A and came up with these nutritious purees to blend into kid favorites. The result: peaceful, relaxed family meals where my kids eat everything!

Want to get vitamins and nutrients into your kids without a fight? Start with the secret weapon: the purees. Then, try one of the following favorite kid recipes:

Sneak in Healthy Food: Crunchy Mac and Cheese Crunchy Mac and Cheese

This classic gets another boost from its whole-grain topping. View this recipe


Sneak in Healthy Food: Power Pizza Bagels Power Pizza Bagels

You can prep and refrigerate, then bake anytime for a snack. View this recipe

Sneak in Healthy Food: Super BurgersSuper Burgers

The familiar taste of ketchup makes the puree undetectable.View this recipe

Sneak in Healthy Food: Better-for-You BrowniesBetter-for-You Brownies

Use any brownie mix you like; these come out moist and delicious! View this recipe

Sneak in Healthy Food with The Sneaky ChefAdapted from The Sneaky Chef