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Sneaky Fat Factors

It's not just the holiday cookies that are adding to your waistline. Check out these surprising culprits that can make you overeat, from Victoria Retelny, a dietitian in Chicago:

Loud background music
Research shows that the louder the music and the faster its tempo, the quicker  -- and more  -- you wind up eating.
Easy fix: Turn it off, or drop in a mellow Norah Jones CD.

A dimly lit dining room
Not being able to see the food on your plate clearly makes you less aware of what you've eaten, leaving you more likely to overeat.
Easy fix: Swap in a brighter lightbulb.

Yellow walls
It's the most popular color (after white) for the kitchen, but yellow and other warm shades, including orange and red, create a feeling of urgency that makes you eat faster and more. (That explains the color scheme of most fast-food restaurants!)
Easy fix: Use a cooler blue, gray, or white for your place settings to counter the effect. Or consider a new paint job.