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Snuggling or Spoiling?

Can't stop cuddling your newborn, even though Grandma keeps saying you're spoiling him? Consider investing in earplugs, and don't worry about Grandma - she's just angling for a turn. So what's the skinny on snuggling?

The truth is that your infant needs lots of loving and physical contact, and you can't spoil him by providing it. Besides, a little guy who eats every two hours is going to get lots of holding, no matter what. By responding to his cues and need for affection, you'll help him develop a solid base of confidence.

So scoop up your sweetie, hold him close, and enjoy the few weeks in your life that can be completely devoted to the smell and feel of a newborn nestled against your neck. Before you know it, he'll be a toddler on the move

Why cuddling counts

  • Skin-to-skin contact is soothing and reduces your infant's distress during painful situations like getting those dreadful (but necessary) vaccination shots.
  • Surprise! There's no indication that holding your newborn less will lead him to sleep better as a toddler or become a more independent kid.
  • Cuddling together will help strengthen your bond.