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Sports Advice From Cal Ripken, Jr.

Want your child to love sports? Here's what this baseball legend (and author of the new book Parenting Young Athletes the Ripken Way) told Parenting about what you can do to make your child's field  -- or court, or diamond  -- time great.

Be picky when picking a sport. "For a child who's not as naturally athletic, consider one where he's not put on a stage to perform  -- for instance, soccer might be a better choice than baseball."

Find a winning team. "Make sure practices aren't longer than forty-five minutes to an hour, twice a week (not including weekend games). The coach should be patient and supportive, and give kids equal playing time."

Don't throw the game. "You don't have to let your child win when you play together. He knows that there's going to be a mismatch of ability, no matter how naturally athletic he is. Practice should be about skill building and having fun with Mom or Dad."